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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Learning To Tighten Up The Belt

DSC02476Just heard on the news that Nevada casinos made over a billion dollars this past year. Just Nevada. Now, I'm all for people making their own decisions on how they spend their money, but come on. Then I heard the next story about how one in seven families earn below the poverty line. Then, the next story says that one in five people spend less on groceries than their cell phone plans and that one out of three spend less on basic utilities than cell phones.

So, I got to looking at what we spend. Without going into details, we spend a lot more than we should. But, we also don't go out to bars, we don't drink, don't smoke, we don't do drugs, or really have any other vices. Actually, I'm the one with a vice and it's called "books," so, it could be way worse for us. As a society, do we even know what it means to truly do without? I really believe that if we started making smarter money decisions, we would have more in our bank accounts and when gas prices went up or we had a bout of unemployment, we wouldn't be so quick to say "woe is me." We would be in a spot to ride it out.

Is your cell phone bill out of control? What’s your worst bill? What’s one of your vices?