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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back In The Saddle and The Journey Home

As dramatic as that title sounds, it's nothing big except to those who worried over our trip. That and the fact that the last time I posted on this blog was over three years ago. I've had the want-to, just not the energy or drive. I figured this was the perfect time to let all of those concerned know that the Bug and I were back home after driving to see Great Grandma in Georgia. We would love to see her more than once a year, but there and back in five days is a little too much on both of us.

When we left, something was trying to tell us not to go. Just outside of Marshall the gates were opened and a downpour of Biblical proportions descended. With hazards and 45 mph speeds we made it til it cleared the other side of Shreveport. One fellow didn't make it easy when he decided to hydroplane from his lane to mine while I'm sitting beside a big rig. A little tension during that moment. We had credit card problems, also. Seems someone spoofed my personal card up in Iowa, so I had to cancel that one and use my business card for transactions. No big deal, but I transferred money after business hours and though it showed available in my account, it wouldn't let me get a hotel room for the night. So, here's a grown man having to call his mama and use her credit card to get the room. Sure enough, the next morning it was fine. We had the same problem with it on the way back, but I had some cash on me, so it wasn't a big deal, just a pain in the rump.

We got to spend time with Great Grandma Carmon and Uncle Kenneth Earl. Lilly had the best time entertaining them. She love her G-Grandma Carmon. Also got to see my cousin Angeline and her husband, plus saw her daughter on the way thru West Monroe where she has a game shop. Stopped at several comic shops on the way back and then finished with a visit with my brother Kelly all over a Sweep the Kitchen at Johnny's Pizza.

I'm very glad to be back at home now and get back to work. How was your weekend/week?
Emperor Pawlpaltine at Southern Realms in Ruston, La. My
home where I grew up. An array of helmets at a truck stop!