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Monday, May 11, 2009

Perfect Morning

A brisk morning walk, a light rain for a few hours and some blogging. Perfect.

I've finally decided to get off my behind and walk off my behind. Well, I've decided before but never enough to get up and do it. Well, let's see if I can keep it going all week. This week has really shown me my age. Not being able to perform certain tasks, having recurring dreams of running, then waking and knowing that it really was a dream, and the constant back and knee pain. Yep, definitely time. After Carroll left for work, I got dressed and took off. It's .8 miles around the apartment complex. I know that it's optimal to walk at least 30 minutes, so I decided to do two laps and figured that was a good start. Half-way through the second lap, my hips starting to ache. I finished the lap and saw that I did 25 minutes. Not too bad. I figure that I'll keep doing 2 laps for the first week and then I'll up it a lap at a time until I'm doing 6 laps. That will be just under 5 miles. Then, I plan to slowly up my pace. Maybe, I'll run again. I've often thought of at least running one race in my life.

I used to not be this way. In high school I was a chunky kid, but I wasn't fat. I was called fat, but if you look at my photos, I wasn't. Kids can be so cruel. Mom says that when I was little, she heard that the kids were picking on me. She asked me what did when they did that to me, and I told her that I would just laugh at them. I don't remember my feelings being hurt very badly, but it wasn't a happy memory.

I weighed 203 when I joined the Navy. That didn't last long. My military id that I received in boot camp said that my weight was 167. 36 pounds in 13 weeks. I had an instructor that took it upon himself to follow me around the grinder (the workout area) and "motivate" me. At electronics school, I remember running alot. I even enjoyed it. On the ship, I got into lifting weights and the rowing machines. I wasn't ripped or cut, but I had a pretty good physique.

I still have that physique but it's been covered by a hundred pounds of extra weight. Right now, I weigh about 325 and am 44 inches in the wast. That's not around my stomach, we won't go into that. Needless to say, I need to do something. It's a given. So, I've put it out here so that you can keep me honest.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.