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Monday, August 3, 2009

Thomas Payne – We The People

Bob Basso is the gentleman here dressed as Thomas Payne. In the first video, he gives an impassioned speech about taking back our government and the second American Revolution. Not everything he says is totally accurate but he puts up a great argument. Now, the controversy around this video is not the video itself, but a hoax that was started (not by him). Supposedly, President Obama invited Mr. Basso to the White House to discuss the troubling rhetoric but was forbidden to speak to anyone about this meeting. The second video is Mr. Basso, again as Payne, refuting the rumor but giving another fiery speech as to what he would tell President Obama. Mr. Basso is a motivational speaker and very good at what he does, but again I do urge you to research the points that he makes in the first video so as to have the full picture. Over all, a very good rally cry!