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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lilly visit the Great Grandparents

Arrived home Thursday night at 11pm after a 17 hour trip from the northeast corner of Georgia. It wouldn’t have taken so long if not for the 30 minute feedings every 3 hours or the Texas State Trooper who pulled me over for doing 5 miles over the speed limit. From amongst a small group of cars doing the same. Neither in front of or last in line. Anyway.

I got off work last Saturday at 3pm and came home to load up the car and take off. I like to get on the road as soon as possible and we had already talked about stopping halfway to get a hotel room.  We would have found relatives to stay with, but didn’t know if we would be able to afford the trip in the first place, so I felt it would be rude to impose on family at such a late date. We did stop in Louisiana to see my brother, Jeremy, and his kids and I got my Johnny’s fix while I was there. We got a hotel room in Vicksburg for the night around 11pm. Had all intentions of getting up around 6am and heading out, but “Deathrace” with my boy, Jason Statham, was on and I hadn’t seen it yet. Asleep at 3am so we moved the launch time to 9am.

Once on the road, we made good time. Some work had been done on the road leading to the house up on the mountain and so we had to call Mammaw and get specifics. Every time she picked up the phone the signal would drop so we backed up the road to the top of the ridge and finally got through. Found out that we were headed the right way, just didn’t go far enough. Things look different in the woods after dark.

While we were there, we got to visit with my cousin Chris who was in from Kentucky and my Uncle Mitchell came up several times and talked. Aunt Bernadette popped in shortly and we visited what little we could, but she was working long hours.  Grandaddy seemed to be doing really well while we were there. Only a few times did he seem to not remember somebody or forget something else, and he liked to play with Lilly when she was awake.

It’s been four years since our last visit and I hope that we get to visit sooner than that, now that Lilly is here. I want my grandparents to see her as much as possible, but we may have to resort to technology to help out in that department.

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