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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update on the Wife 11-28-2012

For those that caught the last post and heard how we were all miserable at some point the last few weeks, well, we’re all on the mend but some of us had to go to the hospital to do it.

My wife went to her doctor Monday afternoon to see if maybe there was something stronger than what she had been given two weeks earlier. Her doctor, being the ever-vigilant care-giver that he is, told us to go to the ER and request blood cultures, X-rays, and other assorted tests to make sure that she wasn’t fighting borderline pneumonia. The ER would get results faster than he would and he thought time was of the essence. The question was, “which ER?”

We could have went across the street to the one in Carrollton or we could go to downtown Baylor and be right across the street from Wife’s oncologist. We thought that would be better. That was before we got to the downtown Dallas Baylor ER.

We arrive at 6PM to an ER filled with old folks, young folks, children, some questionables, and took our place in line. Twenty minutes later Wife was triaged and given her bracelet. At 8:15pm we were taken to a smaller waiting room closer to the examining area. More crying kids. It broke my heart as one young woman sat totally aloof from her crying one year old daughter. The child was obviously miserable but mother couldn’t be bothered to give her any comfort. I try not to judge people, but that to me was wrong. I almost asked if I could pick her up myself, but I was sick also, and didn’t want to add to their problems. Needless to say, hours later, I saw the little girl and she was in much better spirits.

Anyway, we finally got into an examination room about twenty minutes later. Nurses and other assorteds come in to get blood and urine and whatever else they could and we finally saw a doctor at 10:30pm, just a mere four and a half hours later. Upon their call, they decided that Wife should stay overnight with lots of antibiotics and fluids and be observed. Her oncologist would come in and be in advisement also. She didn’t get to a room and a comfortable bed until 3:30AM. A young team of nurses, Kevin & Rachel, got her situated and feeling better and I finally left at 6AM.

All during the night, my tonsils started getting more and more sore and by the time I got home, it was Nyquil time. I stopped for a quick sandwich, since I hadn’t eaten since 2PM the prior afternoon, and drank my drug and was asleep by 7:10AM. I woke up several times to check in on the Wife, but stayed home in my induced-coma and am now going to see her today, Wednesday afternoon, hopefully to bring her home, but, at least take her some clean clothes.

The Bug, this entire time, has been under the care of Grandma and has been in school and feeling wonderful! Thank you, Grandma!

I have a few other things that I wanted to write about this adventure, but they will come in later. I mainly wanted to let everyone know how the Wife was doing.