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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Voice From My Childhood

I was surfing the internet killing time when I came across an article on the most watched Super Bowl ads of all time. One of them was the Ram Truck ad called “Farmer.” It was narrated by the late Paul Harvey and it talks about God creating a caretaker for the Earth. It’s a very poignant portrayal of the American farmer and it almost makes you want to go out and start busting some sod.

But, then again, Paul Harvey’s voice does that to you. I was first introduced to his voice when I was little boy. My grandfather, Thurston Adcock, would listen to him every day at the same time and if you happen to be visiting during that time, well, you just had to listen to. For the duration of the show, time stopped, no sound other than the resonance of his tone and the stories that sucked you in and made you feel warm all over. It’s no wonder that when I think of my grandpa who passed away in 1987, I also think of Paul Harvey. Take a listen to the ad, and then do yourself a favor and track down some of his shows and treat yourself.

"So God Made A Farmer"

Here is a link that will take you to archives for THE REST OF THE STORY. You can also go to his website, run by his son, Paul Harvey, Jr.