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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hello, Sunshine!

Yes, I'm posting to my blog. No, I'm feeling well. With the return of sunshine this weekend (as fleeting as it may be) Lilly and I have been a little active. Not that we haven't been active before, but this was the first time in a long time that we just hopped in the car and took off. Saturday, we gassed up the car in anticipation of "doing something" on Sunday. Didn't know what, but we were doin' it. 
Unfortunately, I had a little squabble with the concrete out front of the 7-11. The curb is a little higher than most and I was having a lively discussion with the Kid and not paying attention. Next thing I know, I'm a 747 skidding on a foam covered runway, a.k.a. the concrete. No bumps or bruises, but some nice abrasions below the right knee and above the right eye. Two very concerned gentlemen asked if I was okay and needed help. I answered with being more embarrassed and probably needing a drink, though most witnesses probably thought that I had already imbibed.
Upon waking Sunday, we both had the urge to get out and so decided to have a road trip to Burleson to visit our friends, Blake and Kim Ovard and Tugg the Wonder Dog. They have a wonderful shop called Geek Out in Downtown Burleson and is a must visit if you have time. Of course, Tugg was taking the day off and stayed at home, but we got to visit with Blake and Kim while browsing all of their geeky goods. Lilly found a great calendar for her room and found plenty to purchase on future visits.
We took a lunch break at Fresco's Cocina Mexicana on Blake's suggestion and it did not disappoint. Lilly had quesadillas and I took on the Brisket Chimichanga. As you can see, I'm not much of a food reporter as I took a bite before I took the photo. Be sure and try the table-side guacamole. Not exactly inexpensive but worth it. The table salsa is awesome, too

In addition to eating and visiting, we checked out The Market Emporium Gift Shop. Lots of Lilly stuff to be had and she settled on a manicure set in a cute little cupcake case. It's right up her alley.

Lots of fun on a wonderful sunny day. We hope that you got out to do something just as fun! In fact, share with us!