My Many Interests

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Remembering Mamaw Carmon Pickering

This lovely woman would have been 92 today. We lost Great Grandma Carmon last year and miss her so very much. She and Carroll loved each other so much that I am sure that they are having a time together now up in Heaven.

She was a big influencer on my life growing up. I know that most grandparents are, that's not really saying anything. My grandmother, though, catered to my interests by stoking my love of reading. When we would go to her house, she'd send me to her room to get a book. The walls of her room were lined with books stacked on the floor to where you had to crabwalk around the bed to get to them all. Books on gardening, wildlife, the sciences, everything. When I took an interest in space, she got me subscriptions to astronomy magazines, science magazines, science fiction literary magazines, and even a membership in the Planetary Society so that I could get the monthly Jet Propulsion Laboratory newsletter. She was a life-long learner and it's one of the greatest gifts that she could have given me, other than her love! Miss you Mamaw!