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Monday, March 27, 2023

I'm related to someone famous! And you might be too!

FamilySearch is a free genealogy site that I use to track my family history. I have a lot of fun finding new relatives, but it got even better. says that I'm related to all of these famous people or their spouses. When you think about it, if you go far enough back in time, you'll eventually find that all of us are cousins to some degree. Kind of cool to see how connected we are.

This was done through an event that they put together called RootsTech. The event ends March 31st, so you might want to move on it. Here's the link:

My Dad's side of the family

Lucille Ball is my 8th cousin twice removed!
Walt Disney is my 8th cousin three times removed!
George Washington is my 5th cousin eight times removed!
Muhammad Ali is my 9th cousin three times removed!
Abraham Lincoln is my 7th cousin five times removed!
Babe Ruth is my 11th cousin three times removed!
Claire Mae Merritt Ruth is my 8th cousin five times removed
Brigham Young is my 5th cousin five times removed!
Brigham Young's wife Harriet Emeline Barney is my 4th cousin four times removed
Emily Dickinson is my 8th cousin three times removed!
Helen Keller is my 6th cousin four times removed!
John Wayne is my 11th cousin once removed!
Joseph Smith Jr. is my 5th cousin six times removed!
Princess Diana is my 11th cousin once removed!
Queen Elizabeth II is my 12th cousin!
Shirley Temple is my 10th cousin twice removed!
Susan B. Anthony is my 7th cousin four times removed!
Wilbur Wright is my 6th cousin six times removed!
Winston Churchill is my 8th cousin three times removed!

My Mom's side
Sean Astin is your 12th cousin twice removed!
Martha Washington is my 3rd cousin nine times removed
Jane Austen is my 6th cousin eight times removed!
Elvis Presley is my 6th cousin once removed!
Franklin D. Roosevelt is my 8th cousin four times removed!

My Wife is related to these folks.

Her Mom's side of the family
Walt Disney is My wife's 7th cousin twice removed
Emily Dickinson is My wife's 6th cousin four times removed
Franklin Delano Roosevelt is My wife's 6th cousin four times removed
John Wayne is My wife's 8th cousin once removed
Joseph Smith Jr is The husband of my wife's 3rd cousin five times removed - Eliza Roxey Snow
Princess Diana is My wife's 9th cousin once removed
Wilbur Wright is My wife's 6th cousin four times removed
Sir Winston Churchill is My wife's 6th cousin twice removed

Her Dad's
Shirley Temple is The wife of my wife's 7th cousin once removed - John George Agar
Mary Todd Lincoln is my wife's 2nd cousin four times removed
Jane Austen is My wife's 5th cousin seven times removed