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Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Such A Drag Getting Old

Well, I think the Rolling Stones had it all wrong. At least that's the line from "Mother's Little Helper" says. Thursday, my birthday, I was at work finishing up and had turned the radio on and that was the first line I heard from the speakers. Interesting.

Well, I had a small get-together at a local watering hole where Dave tends bar. If you don't know Dave, he'll be the one in the cowboy hat. Stevon Parrish, Tim and Roz Galvan, and DJ Mary Mary all showed up to pay respects to my dearly departed youth. There was to be karaoke, but the young lady who was to run it had a problem with the hard-drive with all the music stored on it. Tsk, tsk . . . always have a backup.