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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making the Sale

I've been out of work now for a little over three months. Most of it by choice, but now that school has fallen through on it's end of the deal, the wife and I have decided to get back to work and concentrate on building up our reserves. Again, if it hadn't been for Dave Ramsey, we wouldn't be keeping our heads above water like we are.

I'm going to an interview on Tuesday for a bank teller position with Wamu. They've been bought out by Chase and are looking to expand a little in my area. Wifey has had experience in the bank field, so we thought that if her job hits the skids then she might apply also.

While I'm preparing for Tuesday, I came across this article and thought it very timely and that I would pass it on to you. It's one of those articles that I wish everyone would read or pass on to anyone getting ready to go looking. Time and time again, I've witnessed, as well as the wife, people who show up to job interviews half-prepared. That's putting it politely. People who show up to fill out applications wearing short-shorts and flip-flops alongside those that bring all of their children. You can't tell me that Mama didn't teach them how to dress and that someone couldn't watch those kids for 2 hours. Yeah, yeah, I know. I don't know their story, but I see it too much to think that it's not a social norm nowadays.

Question: Have you been witness to people sabotaging their interview before they even begin? Please comment and give details. We love the details!