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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Spending Habits of the Average American


J.D. over at “Get Rich Slowly” found this visual piece of information that details where the average American spends his/her money. I always find it interesting to see how we compare to the average and how we do not. As J.D. points out, this counts the average family as 2.5 people with 1.9 vehicles and only 1.3 wage earners. My wife and I almost fit this. We have a baby on the way, though we really haven’t started spending for it, we have 2 cars, though one has been paid off for 3 years now, and my wife is the only wage earner, though I pick up the odd job here and there. J.D. also points out that in the picture, the average person spends $118 on books and over $1100 on clothes and yet his are reversed. So are ours. We spend close to $600 or 700 on books and $500 to 600 on clothes (60% to 75% of that being my wife’s). How do you fit the picture? Where are you average and where are you unique?