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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where have you been all my movie-going life?

When I first saw this website, I couldn't believe my eyes. The site is and it is
a helpful tool for movie-goers. Find a movie that you will be seeing and the site will tell you
the most opportune times to visit the loo and about you have before something interesting
starts happening again. If your so inclined, The section that tells you how long you have
also holds a synopsis of what's happening during that time that you're away.  Don't worry,
that section is scrambled so that you won't see any spoilers if you don't want. Just click
the unscramble button and all will be revealed. I remember reading somewhere that they
will also tell you if there is anything after the credits worth watching, but I have found anything
to support that mention yet. There is even an iPhone app so that if you forget to check the
movie beforehand, you won't be stranded.